David, Jacques Louis

Paris 1748 - Brussels 1825
Biography & List of works

A Vestal Virgin Crowned With Flowers

A Vestal Virgin Crowned With Flowers


Size: 81 x 65 cm

Signed: L David (center right)


Vente Lespinasse d’Arlet 1803; possibly Livry, jeune, 1810; disappeared until Th. Duret lent it to two exhibitions in 1909 and 1913; Wildenstein & Co; William R. Hearst, until 1941; Dorothy L. Rinek, until 1985; Stair Sainty Matthiesen Inc, 1986-87; Wildenstein & Co; Private Collection, USA.
See David Exhibition catalogue, 1989-90.


Paris, 1909, Exposition retrospective de [portraits de femmes…, no 53 (mistakenly identified as Mlle Raucourt as Iphigenie). Paris, 1913, David et ses eleves, no 29. Rochester and Cincinnatti, 1940, David and Ingres. New York, Stair Sainty Matthiesen, 1986, An Aspect of Collecting Taste,no. 18. Paris, Louvre, David, 1989-90, no. 66, pp.160-161.