Coysevox, Louis

Lyon 1640 - Paris 1720
Biography & List of works

Bust Of Louis XV As A Child Of Six

Bust Of Louis XV As A Child Of Six


Medium: Marble

Size: 59 x 0 cm

Signed: A. Coysevox f. 1716


Royal Family of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, traditionally said to have been a gift of the Duc de Berry on his marriage to Princess Caroline; King Francis I of the Two Sicilies; Prince Luigi of Bourbon-Sicily, Count of Aquila, 1897; Prince-Luigi Maria of Bourbon-Sicily, 1909; Maria Joseph de Bourbon, Countess of Roccaguglielma, Mrs William Loys Freeman, 1941; the Marquise de Preaulx;, nee Marie-Sophie Freeman; by inheritance, private collection, Rio de Janeiro; Stair Sainty Matthiesen Inc, 1986; Dr and Mrs Ira Kaufman, new York; by gift to the Frick Collection, New York