Van Vitelli, Gaspare

Amersfoort 1652 - Rome 1736
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The Port of Ripetta, Rome

The Port of Ripetta, Rome


Size: 75 x 175 cm


Borghese collection; 1832 to Prince Francesco Borghese; to Louise Anne Marie Adèle dei Principi Borghese (1812-1838), on the occasion of her marriage 1829 to Henri-Victurien de Rochechouart, Marquis de Mortemart; thence by descent.

This broad view of the Port of Ripetta, painted shortly after the completion of the port by Alessandro Specchi, on the instructions of Clement XI, is the only autograph painting by Vanvitelli of this broad vista. One can see on the left the Palazzo of the Dogana (customs house), the cupola and of the Church of S. Rocco, the church of S. Giacomo degli Schiavoni, the Palazzo Borghese, the little church of S. Gregorio on the walls, and the Clementine College. Behind the latter one can see the campanile and cupola of S. Agostino, the cupola of S. Agnese in the Piazza Navona and the Guglia dell’Anima. This became the principal commercial port of entry into the city, particularly for wine, oil, coal and household items. The area was subsequently re-developed and some of these buildings have been replaced.