Winterhalter, Franz Xaver

Menzenschwand 1805 - Frankfurt 1873
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Portrait Of HRH Princess Clementine Of Orléans (1817-1907)

Portrait Of HRH Princess Clementine Of Orléans (1817-1907)


Medium: Oil On Shaped Canvas

Size: 214 x 142 cm

Signed: & dated: F. X. Winterhalter, Neuilly 1839


Princess Clementine of Orléans, (d. 1907); by descent to her 3rd son, Ferdinand I, Tsar of the Bulgarians (d. 1952, who left Bulgaria in 1918 and was resident at Coburg until 1945), to Paris 1952; by succession to 1986; Private Collection, from 1986.


Paris, Salon, 1839.

This painting was one of the works which made the artist’s reputation, along with the full-length portraits of her father the King, her brother, the Duke of Nemours, and sister-in-law, the Duchess of Orléans with her infant son, the Count of Paris (Ormond & Blacket-Ord, op. cit., illus. page 90), all shown at the Salon of 1839. The artist had come to the attention of King Louis-Philippe, Princess Clementine’s father, with the Portrait of the Prince de Wagram with His Daughter, shown at the previous year’s Salon. The King commissioned a portrait of himself, his son, daughter and daughter-in-law, and this portrait became the model for numerous replicas and versions. By the end of the Orléanist Monarchy in the Revolution of 1848, Winterhalter had painted full length portraits of the Queen (1842), and their other sons the Duke of Aumale and the Prince de Joinville, and grandsons the Count of Paris and Duke of Chartres, as well as several of the royal daughters-in-law.

Winterhalter was soon the preferred portraitist of many of Europe’s sovereigns, painting several portraits of the King of the Belgians and his children, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and their children, Duke Alexander of Wurttemberg, the Grand Duchess of Mecklemburg, Princess Augusta of Prussia, the Queen of the Netherlands, Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugènie, and members of the Prussian and Russian royal families. He also painted many portraits of members of the British, French and Russian nobilities, the majority of which are of the wives and daughters of the leading families.

Sold to a Private Collection